Fandom dating

Sex: Currently unsure however likely genderfluid.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (love for Everybody and anybody )

Fandoms: Homestuck, Doctor Who, Anime (harbor ‘t seen a lot of but still like it), Youtubers, Harry Potter, and probably others I’m denying (largely in the gambling genre)

About Me: I was shy but I’m attempting to become more outgoing. I’m quite open so I urge ‘t mind that which you’re into or not to only know that I will take you and encourage you! I can be quite excitable and I love writing and cosplay so in the event that you speak to me about I will likely move on around it for hours.

Extra Info: If you would like to find an image of me or movie conversation I’ll abandon my skype (chaosgamer01) along with also my Instagram (thatonecamera_girl) here. Please state who you are and that you’re out should you contact me one of these programs.

Hey everybody, I’m a bit shy so please bare with me alright?

Title: Jessica but on here I proceed by Azureus.

On the lookout for: Long term intense relationship, that’s it. I also’m okay with buddies but amorous wise it needs to be just that. Obviously it must lead up to this but I believe it’s polite to state what I’m searching for immediately.

Likes: Anime, manga, RPGs such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky, Bidoof, allow ‘s plays, humorous movies, LGBT love novels/graphic books, music (especially pop or fansongs), dying my hair, piercings, tattoos, the colour blue, cosplay, which makes cosplays, and love ^^

I’m quite open and fair the majority of the time, which may both help and hinder me since oversharing is something I do. I’m in a relationship now, 10 months today. In the event that you were interested in dating me, then you wouldn’t should have romantic contact with my present partner unless you’re comfortable with it. I’m really big into Joel out of Vinesauce, Jacksepticeye, Game Grumps, and LGR on YouTube, in Addition to a few dozen additional stations. I’m learning how to take care of my psychological health difficulties, so if I slide up please allow me to know. Other means of touch – @/studioramekin on Telegram. This is going to be the perfect method to get me.

Fandoms: Gaming (tf2, overwatch, etc) Marvel (both comic books and movies ) DC, Superwholock, anime, animations, etc. ) . )

I’m not picky but I really do want type people and I shall, under no conditions socialize with antis/people that are buddies with antis. My particular interest right now is that the MCU, and I’m ever searching for ppl to shout about Infinity War with!!

So yeah!

About Me: Looking for someone Who’s up to perform with some Terraria, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Tabletop Simulator, etc.. Also somebody who wishes to watch films and shows ! I’m super busy on Discord that’s the ideal method to reach me, just check my profile to get my label:

I’m open to the long distance and in person, however if it’s long distance I need to have the ability to fulfill at some stage so I figure be inclined to journey XD I don’t care if it requires some time, but yeah.

Hello! My title ‘s Val! I’m 15 (sophomore, in case it will help lol). I’m Pan, nevertheless I’m still exploring my heritage. Everybody is welcome however!

I’m a Netflix enthusiast who’s also mildly obsessed with YouTube and Spotify. I’ve been fascinated in Anthropology and Conspiracies, therefore I also wish to find out more about these items. I’m into Alternative, Indie, and Pop songs (Yeah, I understand I’m fundamental lol).

On the lookout for: I’m searching for a connection and friends. I’m not picky at all when it comes to relationship, but I can occasionally be a little insecure/clingy, so in the event that you’re insecure or insecure also, that’s a bonus. I’m super friendly, therefore don’t worry! Follow/message me in the link under /

Im still looking for some neat folks to be friends with and discuss my never ending affection together and possibly discover that special individual.

Likes: Games, Anime, DnD, a number of them grand ol MeMes, Persona collection, And an array of music I like virtually all genres.

About this nerd: Eh not much to mention I’m your regular dude I play games and I see things like arcade and youtube I’m nothing to special but do tend to take care of people that I encounter close with I attempt to be certain individuals near me are secure and joyful (Try is the important term here im not always effective on the joyful part) but I love to tell jokes and make others smiles….but I could be a little bit of an ass sometimes if I’m speaking to somebody who I don’t enjoy or simply have had a dreadful evening but enough about me ide want to get to know you men so have a conversation with me I promise ill be fine.

My age is 20 years old ( 21 September 14th ) My heritage is Bisexual though I harbor ‘t been together with almost any women and’m more leaning towards men ( not saying I wouldn’t date a woman though if she had been the ideal man ) My Fandoms are: Phan,Twenty One Pilots, Youtubers, superfruit (SCOMICHE), pentatonix, Little Mix, One direction, Joey Graceffa, Conor Maynard, Troye Sivan, Conor Franta. :-RRB- I am enormous superfruiter and pentataholic, they’re my entire life…. Aside from the fact that the world wide web is LITERALLY my happy pill and I don’t have any life,I really like writing and music. I’ve enjoyed writing because yr 4 and’ve been utilizing my own fan fiction writing as a means to escape the real world.I am a regular listener to songs and would really like to begin learning how to play music and compose my own music since it brings me a great deal of pleasure. My taste in music isn’t what people expect out of me, since I am shy and quiet men and women expect me to listen to quiet music but I really like rock / pop songs. In addition, I love show tunes,country and a great deal of ‘ emo ‘ tunes that I take anywhere.

Busted, Carrie Underwood, christiana aguliara, conor Maynard, cher, Dan and shay, demi lovato, destiny child, erectile sheeran, fall out boy, five, Florida Georgia lineup, All members of one management ( both solo and the group ), residence free, Jason Derulo, Jls, katy Perry, woman antebellum, Leona Lewis, small combination, my chemical romance, n sync, dread of this disco, para-more, pentatonix ( super fruit and pentatonix ), pussycat dolls, rhianna, sclub 7/8 & juniors, shayne ward, Sean Kingston, spice girls, measures, Taylor fast paced, TLC, troye Sivan, twenty-five pilots, the vamps, Whitney Houston, zac brown ring, west-life. I’m a current school leaver, still unmarried and have been around for 4 yrs because I moved. I’ve a more sensitive heart, which can be just one of my troubles people see me as a therapist and I nicely not. . However, I’m am a really empathetic individual. But this results in me being extra sensitive occasionally, so beware. I spend the majority of my time watching YouTube and reading fan fiction it gives me some pleasure in my entire life. Well that’s me An open publication near enough..But know I have problems, but ‘ll learn about that later on.

That which I’m Looking For: I am in desperate need of friends as I have a person who is to busy to speak to me. I’d love a few to have a best friend, The more people have in common, the better. And who knows, perhaps we’ll start to feel something and some thing can grow! I would like people with similar interests, that aren’t dumb jerks, and with the patience to cope with me , I will love you and offer you a lot of dumb and attention rambles in return. It’d be fine if they had been marginally close so I could have friends near me so I could spend some time together, however I’m nice with extended distance, also. I am hoping to speak to somebody soon!

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